Steps for Changing the Wallpaper on a Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone

There is an assortment of customization features that are designed on virtually any brand of cell phone that is available on the market today. They are also regularly used by a large number of mobile phone users. What many of these users find is there are even several sites that clearly explain the workings of each separate feature. There are even some sites that explain the steps that are involved in changing the wallpaper on a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. Out of all the unique functions that are generally featured on these cell phones, this is one that is used the most frequently. While there are certain groups of people that commonly use some cell phone features more often than others, this is one that is used equally by men, women, teens, children, and even the elderly.

The wallpaper that is preset to appear on these mobile telephones tends to be the first thing that just about every cell phone user changes immediately after purchasing one of these devices. In a vast majority of cases you will find this to be true regardless of the manufactured name brand of the phone they are using, or the specific style of their phone.This is precisely why there has been such a huge amount of cell phone owners performing searches online for changing the wallpaper on a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, and this amount continues to increase all the time.

If you are like a lot of people, then you probably find it to be very boring to just settle on using the image that comes featured as the preset wallpaper selected on your phone. As a matter of fact, there are many mobile phone features and settings that most people change every time they switch phones.

There are a number of different reasons why a person may want to consider changing the wallpaper on a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. There are many men that like to change the background on their phone so they can show off their huge catch from their latest fishing trip. Quite a few women wouldn’t have it any other way than to use photos of their children or grandchildren as the background on their cellular telephone. Almost everywhere you will find that teens and younger kids like to set their wallpaper to show things ranging from family, friends, and pet photos, crazy graphic designs, popular bands, top music artists, and a wide range of other photos and graphics. It really does not matter what the specific age that a person may be, changing wallpaper on a Samsun Galaxy S3 phone can be lots of fun.

Even if this is the brand and style in a phone that you have only recently purchased, or you have had your phone for quite some time you just never got around to personalizing it to your individual personality and style, you can benefit from the helpful information that follows. Below you will find some very simple steps to follow to successfully switch the standard image that is showing on your phone’s background to something that’s much more personal to you.

  1. First you will want to locate a small spot on the display screen of your phone. Make sure to find an area that is free of any shortcut icons.
  2. Now you will want to gently press and hold your finger on this area of the screen for one or two seconds, and then after the splash screen pops up you can move your finger away.
  3. The next step is to select the ‘Home Screen’ option, by touching the appropriate option with your finger.
  4. Now you will need to select the wallpaper option. This will allow you to browse through all of the different wallpaper selections that the manufacturer has preset on the phone.
  5. To browse through all the images on the device you can use your finger to carefully swipe over the selection of thumbnails that appear on the lower portion of the screen.

As you are browsing you will want to go from left to right. Now you just need to continue repeating the directions above until you locate the choice you want and select the ‘set wallpaper’ option to set the image as your phone’s wallpaper. This gives users the ability to quickly and easily change the image that appears on their background whenever they choose.

With directions this simple and so easily available, changing the wallpaper on a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone is now a task that can be done by virtually any person that owns this particular phone.It also means with easy-to-follow steps like these, there’s no need for any person to leave their phone’s features and settings the way the manufacturer has them set when changing them can be beneficial, and even downright enjoyable.