Dark iPhone 5 Wallpapers

Find high definition dark wallpapers for your iPhone 5 right here on HD Phone Wallpapers! All of our dark iPhone 5 wallpapers are unique, high quality, and guaranteed to make your phone look awesome!

NIKE Just Do It Dark Background iPhone 5 Wallpaper Wallpaper NIKE Just Do It Dark...
Minimal Unlock Arrow Wallpaper Minimal Unlock Arrow
Star Wars The Force Awakens Wallpaper Star Wars The Force...
Tie Fighter Sunset Wallpaper Tie Fighter Sunset
Darth Vader 2 Wallpaper Darth Vader
Black flowers Wallpaper Black flowers
Darth Vader - Silver Side Wallpaper Darth Vader - Silver...
Captain Phasma Rekt Wallpaper Captain Phasma Rekt
Wooden Background Wallpaper Wooden Background
Dark Carbon Wallpaper Dark Carbon
Skull Music Wallpaper Skull Music
Busty Indian Girl Wallpaper Busty Indian Girl
Citizen Watch Wallpaper Citizen Watch
Depressed Floyd Wallpaper Depressed Floyd
Count Your Blessings Black Wallpaper Count Your Blessings...

If you can't find a dark wallpaper you're looking for, post a request on the Request Forum with your suggestions and we make one just for you!