How to Change Your Background Wallpaper on Your iPhone 5

There are quite a few fun features included on this widely popular mobile telephone, which is one of the reasons the popularity of this device continues to increase by leaps and bounds. There’s one feature in particular that many people find very useful. You’ll find it's easy learning how to change your background wallpaper on your iPhone 5 phone using the following step by step directions. This makes it a cinch for practically any person to customize these phones to complement their unique personality and style. It’s a feature that allows users to set any graphic or image of their choosing as the wallpaper on their phone, and it also allows them to change the image that displays on the phone’s lock screen.

Learning how to change your background wallpaper on your iPhone 5 phone is as easy as following the simple steps below: (the steps are the same no matter which iPhone you have)

  1. First, select the graphic or image you plan to use. Many different types of images can be saved to the phone. This can be done by sending them to the phone directly from your desktop, images can be saved from the internet, and from saved pictures taken with the phone’s built-in camera.
  2. Now you’ll want to go to the home screen and select the app for settings.
  3. Next you will want to select brightness and wallpaper, and then select wallpaper.
  4. This is where you’ll find different categories that contain all the pictures that have been saved to the iPhone. These include built-in images that Apple has previously set on the device under the wallpaper category.Camera Roll is another category that contains any pictures you have taken with the phone’s camera. Other categories that you can choose from also include any folder names that may have been synced to the phone, and photographs you may have taken with one of the many photo apps that are available today. Select the category you’ll be using.
  5. Now you’ll select the picture or graphic you’d like to set as the wallpaper. You will be asked whether you would like the image to only be set on the home screen, on the lock screen, or if you’d like it set on both.
  6. As soon as the home button is pressed, the image you selected will now be set as the wallpaper on your phone.

Yes, learning how to change your background wallpaper on your iPhone 5 phone is really that easy.